About Me

My life has provided me with a wealth of interesting experiences. My career has taken several major turns, each providing me more opportunity to experience working in varied settings, which have ranged from small business owner, to manager, to teacher, to consultant, to therapist, and finally to coaching. The one constant theme has been my interest in people. I have always had a natural curiosity about people.

I love a wide variety of music ranging from jazz, classical, and bluegrass, to gospel. One of my favorite things to do is sing. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. Photography is another interest. All the photos on my web site were taken by me with my trusty Kodak digital camera. In my spare time, I also enjoy having friends over for a good meal and lively conversation.

Learning has been a lifelong hobby. Reading expands and deepens my many interests that cover a wide range of topics from cooking to the question of “how big is the universe”. Furthermore, my love of learning is reflected by my education, which has included degrees from Harding University, Syracuse University, Northeast Louisiana University, and Texas Woman’s University. My first dissertation client was in 1993. And since then, I have learned much from my many dissertation clients. I’m always filled with excitement when I first hear the topic of the dissertation of each new client because I know that I will be learning  so much from an expert on the subject. As I said, learning is a hobby!

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