What Is Dissertation Coaching?

• Dissertation coaching is having your own personal guide to help you each step of the way, from the proposal through the defense of your dissertation.

• Your dissertation coach will help you maintain motivation through each stage of the dissertation process.

• As your dissertation coach, I will provide the structure that will aid you in developing a realistic timeline and planning the next right step you need to take each week.

• I will provide you with feedback and advice on developing a topic and carrying out the literature review and research as a part of the process of dissertation coaching.

• Have you heard any negative “self-talk” lately? I will encourage you to get rid of such negative influence to increase your effectiveness in completing your dissertation.

• I will help you work to meet the goals that you and your committee have set.

• Having a balanced life during the dissertation process is a daily challenge but achievable.

• Your faculty advisor, mentor, or chairperson and committee are your allies and I will guide you in taking advantage of those relationships.

• Dissertation coaching is done by telephone and email. Your location is not an issue.

I act as a guide, mentoring and supporting you as you earn your degree. My work is in addition to your work with your faculty advisor or chairperson and will assist you in working with your committee.

Benefits of Coaching For You

• Gain self-confidence to move quickly toward completing your dissertation.

• Know the next right step to take.

• Break it down into doable tasks that can be done between normal life tasks.

• Lift the dark cloud of the unfinished dissertation from your life so you can get on with your life.

• Learn to negotiate the departmental politics and bypass personal agendas.

• To have a listening ear for ideas and issues.

• Complete your dissertation quickly and save semesters of tuition.

Who Chooses To Hire a Dissertation Coach?

Doctoral and Masters Candidates Who…

• want to get on with their thesis/dissertation.

• are tired of being “ABD” and want to make immediate progress.

• feel overwhelmed by the dissertation process.

• are ready to start believing in themselves again and lose that feeling of being stuck.

• are losing ground in their productivity because of an overload of stress about the dissertation.

• must cope with the lack of support because they no longer live in the same state as their graduate program.

• chose to have additional support through the dissertation process.

For help with your dissertation from topic to dissertation defense contact me.